Let’s hope he wins

Let’s hope he wins

Reed Blames Tribes for Laundering Scheme

The Indians made me do it.

On the eve of a tense primary election, that’s Ralph Reed’s defense against corruption accusations that threaten to capsize his candidacy for Georgia lieutenant governor.

The charges have been around for months, of course — accompanied by ample evidence that Reed played a key role in concocting the schemes and putting them into practice. To date he has dodged the allegations by first claiming ignorance of the clients, and then woodenly chiming that “Had I known then what I know now, I would not have undertaken the work.”

But yesterday, he changed his tune — and blamed the Indians. During a debate with his primary opponent Saturday, Reed claimed:

I would have been happy if they [Abramoff’s tribal clients] paid me directly. They were the ones who made the decision that I would be paid through nonprofits.

All of us here in Georgia hope this hypocrite wins the primary today. Why? So that for the next 3 months, Ralph Reed will the Republican candidate for LG- an endless trough of sleazy financial filth to shower upon the voting public day after day. Yup, gotta love the GOP.

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