Take It On The Chin

Winsome pop hooks?

A female lead singer who doesn’t scream?

Melodic alternative-rock riffs?

Aren’t those musical qualities extinct in the Post-Bizkit Age? Well, if the Brits can resurrect ’80s New Wave then the Yanks should be able to revive vintage college-radio sounds. In the case of Becky, the old fogeys among us will be able to recognize their retro influences (everything from the Pretenders to Juliana Hatfield) but to today’s generation this is as fresh as newly plucked strawberries — and just as tasty.

Ignoring the low-fi production and puny drum sounds of trendy and now-capitalized Indie Rock, Becky focus their attention on writing good songs, ones that’ll have your feet tapping. Danceable bass lines abound as on “Higher Ground” and “No Mercy.” Judging from the album photos, lead singer Rebecca Lord has surrounded herself with some (relatively speaking) older gentlemen, giving the grooves a more mature and skillful backbone. In other words, these guys know how to play, how to reel in your years with a sparkling guitar hook, sharp bass riff, or punchy drum beat.

I hear far too many Indie Rock acts that are afraid of Pop. The result is bland, overly polite, and slightly quirky mellow rock with geek appeal but little personality. Becky, in contrast, knows how to strike a balance between having mass appeal and alternative cred. Take a listen and get addicted now.


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