The Longshadows

The Longshadows

The Longshadows

Simple Minded Way


The Gin Blossoms’ comeback record will be released later this summer, but until then, lead singer Robin Wilson’s side project should keep GB fans entertained. The sophisticated pop of Simple Minded Way is a slight departure from Wilson’s day job band, with the album written and produced by Steve French — formerly of Brit band Star Club.

Yet the collaboration of Wilson’s voice and French’s songs gels incredibly well on almost every song, most notably on standout track, “Wishing We Weren’t So”, the melancholic “Weight On My Mind” and the Sixties-influenced “Sail On”. The rousing chorus of “To Saione” reveals the perfect musical chemistry The Longshadows possess and the title track is yet another strong track with a slow-burning melody.

The return of the Gin Blossoms will be much anticipated by fans, but Simple Minded Way provides ample evidence that other musical avenues could be exploited by Wilson in the future if the reunion does not go according to plan.

The Longshadows:

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