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The Remote

The Remote

Too Low to Miss

Global Underground

Resting somewhat comfortably alongside the output of Fischerspooner, The Faint and the International Deejay Gigolos, The Remote’s Too Low to Miss will likely be another underground crowd-pleaser for both ’80s holdovers and electroclash sycophants.

This twosome is an anomaly in the Global Underground fold, considering most of their labelmates are jet-setting DJs spinning marathon sets at Dionysian events. Still, despite the darker nuances and slightly aggressive impulses, The Remote’s cuts are perfectly aligned with the fog-smothered, strobe-light sensibilities of the dancefloor. “Big Design” exhumes Technique-era New Order as synths bend and sway faithfully to the Peter Hook-y guitar/bass lines.

Sure, the production values leave something to be desired. But as the more frenetic Side-A segues slowly into B with “Creeps” — a track whose Stereo MC dub is suckled by vampires — one can gauge the songwriting promise that this duo has. Still, it isn’t readily apparent here, and while the record would’ve been better hissing and steaming to a famished close, Remote unfortunately ends it with the bouncy disco nouveau of “Please Change Your Mind.”

But this is a learning process after all. And though they’ve produced an album where the forces of good outmatch the bad, Remote have yet to convince me I need to once again bust out my sunglasses at night.

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