If it looks like crap, and sounds like crap…it’s…?

If it looks like crap, and sounds like crap…it’s…?

Rockstar Supernova!

LH and I made the never to be repeated mistake of tuning into this show (after COMASS pixelated our DVR’d “When the Levees Broke”…grr….) and watched this unoriginal, untalented, lab-made hair gel goof “emote” his way thru Coldplay’s “Clocks”:



Call TTP old and out of touch, but this was my first foray into this entire “American Idol/Wannabe’s on the March” reality (say what?) talentless crapfest. “Supernova” refers to the crew of no longer relevant, hair club for men “rock stars” – Gilby Clarke (oh yeah, theres a legend), Dave “I got to bang Carmen Electra and you didn’t” Navarro, along with Tommy Lee (the Kelso of modern rock), and the replacement for the good guy who died bassist from Metallica.

I remarked to the better half that this spectacle of faux emotion was as far removed from what we considered music as possible. My afternoon included loading Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis into Itunes, so perhaps I’m biased, but if this is what is considered the “latest and greatest” of modern music (at least in the commercial, my mom bought the CD at the mall after an Orange Julius way), then illegal downloading of music ain’t the reason behind the problems the record industry faces.

Its because they are selling crap. Pure crap. Squealing girls and sliding across a piano does not art make. It might make a Jerry Lee Lewis…but he wrote the motherfuckin’ songs and help invent rock n’ roll along the way. The goof in the picture, Ryan? He may well have written the greatest song since whenever, but since he’s decided that his true talent lies in…well, lying, he’ll have to have a new name and reconstructive surgery to ever be taken seriously again.

So damn you Comass, we only wanted to watch a single city get destroyed by a hurricane, not the destruction of rock and roll.

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