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Rock Star: Supernova 8.29.06

They started off with the recap from last week, and focused on Dilana’s bad comments. They showed the afterwards and how feelings were hurt, how badly she felt and what comes next for her. She had a tantrum outside by throwing the glass and a shard of it, flew up and hit Magni. His head was cut, but not badly. She was a mess though and so upset. All she wants to do is fix things for herself, hopefully it all goes away. Dave asks her about how she’s feeling going into tonights show, and she comes back strong and says she’s back, stronger than ever.

The fans consistently went with the Wild Card picks, which is wonderful. It will be at least something we’ve not heard before from each of them.

Lukas is up first and does “Lithium” by Nirvana which was the song that Dilana kicked at the beginning. He puts his style on it and totally goes face to face with the audience, which sends Jason over the moon. No back to the crowd tonight. The panel all loved his performance, Gilby even said it was the best so far. Jason had praise about his voice and his presence.

Magni doing “I Alone” by Live, wow, this might be okay. Ryan did it first, and he did it very well. Magni was joking in the footage about campaigning to have folks vote for him, even though he’s from another country. Nice to see a light side to Magni. Magni didn’t do badly, I was impressed. The really retarded little singing to the panel in their faces is always a little icky to me. Of course, the panel loves Magni so it was thumbs up all the way.

Ryan is up next and hits the piano to do “Clocks” by Coldplay. Done before by Magni, so I suppose they just swapped tonight. But then kicks bad the stool and hops on his piano. Damn I hate to say, he’s not bad lately. Even though he scowls too much and looks like a ruffie slippin’ date rapist. He slides across the piano for a little tickling of the ivories, then hops on it again. The piano is now a cheap prop. Ugh. Dave liked it, but Jason said that once he gets out from behind the piano, he loses the plot. Hmmm.

Storm is doing Evanescence, “Bring Me To Life” done by Jill and Zayra. I think she can totally kick it. She’s having Toby help on background vocals. But the first notes were not very good. Once it got uptempo, it was WAY better. And Toby did a great job of screaming behind her. Dave said even though she’s got a deeper register than Amy Lee, she pulled it off. Gilby didn’t like it, but Jason said that effort counts for everything.

Toby does Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” first totally kicked by Lukas so of course it’s already crap in my book. But he does the best gimmick so far and pulls chicks on the stage with him. The panel goes nutso of course. Blah, ick, not into him whatsoever. It wasn’t the best performance by him but passable.

Dilana wraps up the show and does “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham. A song that was first done by Jill and she does it way better. It’s a darker version but she at least gets the screams and the intensity right. Dave says that it had to be his favorite performance of both seasons. Gilby, Tommy and Jason all loved it. It was a great way to end the show, with a song of power, with them all moving past the bad vibes.

Going home tomorrow, with my terrible track record…. Hopefully Toby, but…. Ryan perhaps.

We shall see…. Be back tomorrow.

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