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Rock Star: Supernova – Results Show 8.2.2006

So, Ryan gets the coveted encore. Well, that’s alright, he did perform better than he normally does so, throw the dog a bone.

At some point during the voting Toby, Patrice, Zayra, Jill, and Dana were in the bottom 3- No big surprises there….. They really weren’t great performances and they really aren’t the strongest of the bunch.

Jill is first to stay in bottom 3 and she does ‘Alone’ by Heart. She’s not a bad singer…but she’s not Supernova. She’s not doing too horribly when the song kicks in gear and she makes the fatal mistake of doing the predictable mic stand kick, the strut forward and the scowl then she starts the patented Jill Screech. Where are these ‘deep rich tones’ she was saying she was going to bring? Oh lord, the overacted pained face and heaving bosom shot for the big finish was just TOO much! Flashback to Ace Young of American Idol But then, all 3 gave her a standing ovation? WTF,Over?

Dana was next in line for the Hatchet Man. Who really thinks she can pull off ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by the Animals? What is this girl thinking? Why does she think that classic is her ticket to stardom? It seems she can’t pick one voice style, she goes from growling, to vibrato to screeching.

The final victim tonight, Patrice. She has moved to the top of my hit list. I’d rather keep Zayra after this. Her choice (and a poor one at that) was ‘Eternal Life’ by Jeff Buckley. She totally toasted it, I could hear Jeff’s momma cryin’ and he rolled over a few times. If you are going to stand there, and claim to do a tribute to someone, at least learn the song and sing it in a complimentary manner. She treated that song like a drunken slut on prom night; she ran roughshod over it, had her fun and then left it standing tearfully with running mascara, a torn dress and one shoe in the Winn-Dixie parking lot to get her own ride home.

The Hatchet Man deemed Dana the least worthy and sent the farm girl packin’, new treble clef tattoo and all. They did tell her that she handled it great, she was mature about it and that she could go far. Of course, after telling her that she had a long way to go. She’s winging it back to Augusta, Georgia as we speak. Adieu, Dana, it’s been …. White bread.

Next week, the remaining 10 will get a track of Supernova’s. Their mission is to individually write lyrics and melody for the track. I think that this has the potential to be amazing. We can finally see who is really going to fit with this band, who shares their vision and who hits the proverbial nail on the head and I think her name is Dilana. But like I said…I’m no A&R man.

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