Psych – 8.11.06

Psych – 8.11.06

Episode #6 – “Weekend Warriors”

This epi opens with a flashback of Shawn and Gus as children, with Shawn’s father as their scout troop leader. he’s giving them a speech about losing and being a loser-all while doing an exercise with solid fuel rockets.

Shawn and Gus are watching a Civil War re-enactment rehearsal, with Det Lassiter at the helm. He’s on a tirade how they aren’t doing it right when he realizes that one of the actors is really dead. Of course, Shawn is trying to get on the case. He has an ‘episode’ in the office with lassiter and the chief, and of course is hired.

While in his office, he sets up a model of the battlefield and he realizes that only George Cheslow, the local dentist was in range to make that shot. Shawn makes Gus an appointment with Dr. Cheslow when they realize two important facts. Dr. Cheslow’s wife had been having an affair with Nelson and that Dr. Cheslow needs glasses but can’t wear them on the battlefield because Lassiter says they aren’t of the period. They realize that the dentist couldn’t have done it, because his vision wasn’t enough to make a shot straight through the heart of Nelson.

Lassiter busts on in and arrests George, saying that there are love letters at Poe’s house to his lover, Cheslow’s wife and one of them says that George threatened to kill him. Lassiter thinks he’s caught the killer but Shawn and Gus tell him he’s got the wrong man.

Shawn and Gus join the re-enactors do they can catch the killer. They go over to Mahoney’s jewelry store to get fitted for costumes, where the seamstress is Sally Reynolds, she plays a nurse in the battles and she’s also an insurance agent. She’s provided policies for half of the regiment, including Mahoney. Mahoney tells them how he supplies the uniforms and other items to the troops. One thing is Mahoney’s store that Shawn calls out is a box of C4 explosives. He tells Shawn that he uses that sometimes to make the explosions better for the crowds at the battles.

That night while camping out with the troops, Shawn takes a walk with Sally and she kisses him but then he falls and rolls down the same hill as Nelson. From that angle he realizes that whoever shot him, was up in the tree.

Henry ordered Shawn a pocket watch from Mahoney which he pretends to lose so that he can use his fathers precious metal detector. Of course, he only wants it to find the bullet that killed Nelson Poe, which he does; but he also finds a brass button belonging on someones uniform.

Shawn brings O’Hara and Lassiter to the field and has a ‘vision’ to lead Lassiter to find the bullet. They get a call and have to leave, but Shawn goes through step by step the day of the shooting as if he was the killer. He climbs the tree and Gus has him look for a notch in the tree and finds it. But it is aiming at the hospital tent. He then realizes that the real target was Sally.

The day of the re-enactment, Shawn and Gus steal Sally’s dress with the intention of Shawn wearing to find out who is going to try to shoot her. O’Hara stumbles upon them, and she decides that she’s going to be the one to go out there. She has a bullet proof vest on under the dress and a military helmet. Once out of the tent, they realize that there is no one there, but they find a tunnel under a tree. The tunnel leads to the other side of the battlefield. In Mahoney’s tent, they find his tunic and boots so they know he’s at the root of all of this. Right at that time, they hear the C-4 explosion.

They run over to Mahoney’s store, they now realize that he was using the C-4 to commit insurance fraud. Since Sally wrote a huge insurance policy on this store, he was going to rob himself and then claim robbery using the re-enactment as an alibi. Turns out that Sally was in on it, but Mahoney was greedy and was going to off her to keep it for himself.

Yet another episode of this show that has brilliant dialogue, witty banter and an entertaining storyline. This show has some of the best writing on TV today, it’s smart funny, not that dumb humor that people find so fascinating these days. My Name is Earl for example. Oh, I know there are tons of people out there that love it, but…. not me. I prefer witty more than slapstick.

I have this weeks episode to watch…. so, I’ll be back.

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