Rock Star: Supernova 8.15.06

Rock Star: Supernova 8.15.06

They are doing an acoustic show tonight, so this is going to really show their voices more than these last weeks. Zayra and Ryan were the only 2 that wanted the original song.

Zayra’s original song went first, singing in spanish of course. I have to say, this is the ONLY performance of hers that I didn’t want to throw up during. It was a serious song, it wasn’t her usual comic stylings. They did like her song, but they are wondering at this point if she’s right for their band. She’s not, it’s about time she realizes, she and Paulina Rubio can go at it for the Latin Grammy.

Magni- David Bowie’s Starman, a great song,and actually not too bad from the Iceman. The white suit…. umm, wha? Of course the panel is pro Magni..

Patrice – Message in a Bottle from the Police. Oh man, Patrice, I liked you the first week, but this is just enough. It was offkey, the wrong pitch, but they told her she sang well! They did say that her performance was lacking ….yeah, it was. Then Dave gives her the little Daddy treatment, he spanked her and then kissed her forehead. Oy.

Lukas- Hero by Chad Kroger Lukas, in a chair, with a guitar, leg crossed, just lounging. It was awesome. It didn’t get more intimate than that…. he was right up with the crowd, they were all singing along and swaying. I love him twice as much as I did last week. And…the crowd goes wild.

And…the panel liked it, Tommy said he didn’t like it when someone sits down, and Jason talked about him closing off his voice.

Storm – I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor. Yes, a disco song, but believe me, it wasn’t disco at all. She was amazing. She did more of the Cake version, but a little funkier. At the end it was just her, and it was gorgeous. She just really rocks everything she sings, I still think…. she’ll be one the last three. None of them liked it!!! Crazy, she still has a great voice.

Toby -Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel . Gilby played guitar and again, a bland Toby performance. The bongos….? This is a total WTF night all together. They all loved it, much to my dismay.

Ryan – In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins. Yeah, ummm wha? See, it’s just a WTF night. Ryan needs to stop looking mad all the time. He constantly looks like he wants to jump off stage and kick someones ass. And the vocals were rather icky, and yet Dave says the best performance of the night? And they all loved it? Man. I’m in the wrong business.

Dilana – Cats in the Cradle- Harry Chapin. What a way to wrap it up. She just as that…something in her voice. It’s gruff, sexy but full of power. It’s the real deal. Dave took back his compliment to the date rape guy too, said Dilana was now the best of the night.

Can’t wait for tomorrow……

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