Rock Star: Supernova 8.8.06

Rock Star: Supernova 8.8.06

This week, Dilana took the song with Supernova, and the guys were rather amazed that no one fought to get that song. Frankly, me too, this would be their chance to show a little something extra, a little oomph.

Here’s my weekly rundown on the remaining Supernova hopefuls.

Dilana: Kicked it on The Who’s – Won’t Get Fooled Again. She kicked some serious ass yet again. I swear, she’s rockin’ 24/7. She just has no off switch. They absolutely loved her. Gilby said that he knows a chick can front their band. Well, duh Gilby. Gilby meet Dilana, Dilana meet Gilby.

Jill : Mother, Mother – Tracy Bonham. Much better song choice for her voice, but…. she’s still just not it. She’s trying to be something that she isn’t and that was the kiss of death for Dana. People can spot fakes, Darlin’- better be careful.

Ryan: He chose Paint It Black from the Stones. Hmmm, weird little entrance,the hoodie with the fur on it? That eyeshadow, oy. What? Freaky little performance by all in all, better than it has been He just looks horribly angry all the time and that ‘sullen rockstar’ routine only goes so far. For obvious reasons, Dave loved it, but the rest of the guys did also so…..Ryan might be safe for another week.

Storm: Queen- We are the Champions is a daunting song. Freddie’s shoes are impossible to fill and it was risky for her to do something by Queen. But damn, the girl pulled off Freddie like there was no tomorrow. She wasn’t trying to do an impression, or emulate his style or tone, she just sang it, like she meant it.

Zayra: What the hell was she singing? Because it vaguely resembled Mott the Hoople’s All the Young Dudes. She doesn’t know the words, or the melody of the song, because she’s interjecting words here and there. None of the guys seemed very impressed, I think perhaps the “Reign of Whorer” is over.

Josh- Interstate Love Song- STP with Tommy Lee. He’s growing on me, like a fungus…. but he needs to lay off the STP, and do some serious soul. He’d be top of the charts. Why does Tommy always look like he’s smiling while he plays? I think that Josh is going to make it through another week.

Magni- The Dolphin’s Cry – Live . Great acoustic performance. Gotta love the hearing protection on the baby…good Daddy, Magni! Finally a performance by Mr. Iceland that I didn’t hate. Perhaps, since his family was there, he mellowed out and got his focus back.

Patrice: She decided that she could handle Lennon’s Instant Karma. In my humble, non A&R opinion, she’s gotten worse and worse each week. For some reason they all thought that she did great. But how can they say it was good?

Lukas: I’m adding him to my list. The free list, the list that my husband can’t get mad at me for. There’s something crazy about him. His performance of Creep by Radiohead was awesome. He felt every note of that song. The vocals weren’t perfect, they were off a bit, but it was full on, it was all him and I loved it.

Toby: He pulled Talking Heads, Burning Down the House. He did better than he does most weeks, but it still wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard. The arrangement of the song, was hot though. It was harder, it was ‘rockified’. I’m still not a Toby fan, there is just something about him that doesn’t click with me. But the bullhorn…wtf? The highlight of Toby’s performance was the fact that Tommy finally didn’t say “G’day Mate”.

Let’s see who makes the bottom 3. My call…. Patrice, Zayra and Jill.

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