Velvet Gold

With the heat at an all-time high, you find yourself parched, in need of some good music that will go down easy and quench your musical thirst. Something that goes down smooth and yet can still get you dancing. So how about a taste of BlueSinatra’s Velvet Gold?

The seven song EP is bursting at the seams with a little bit of everything – funk, reggae, rock and even some house beats. The Philadelphia-based band fails to be thrown in one category, as does their music.

Whether you’re a fan of bands like The Roots, Jamiroquai or even Maroon 5, there’s something for you.

From “Alphabetic” to “Zen Vibe and Lions”, you’ll find yourself swaying to the beats and singing along. So grab something cool to drink, put on your sunglasses and get this EP! It’s a summer must!


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