Melisa Prestianni

Melisa Prestianni

Melisa Prestianni

Overwhelmed With Love

B&M Publishing

The love that overwhelms Melisa Prestianni is not affection towards a boyfriend or a husband; that could explain why the passion in her voice takes on a higher and deeper level. Regardless of your religious beliefs (or if you even have any), you’ll have to have ears of stone not to at least acknowledge the melodicism and crystal-clear singing on Prestianni’s debut album.

Jaded critics no longer expect ambition from solo records. For every five or six singer/songwriter albums that I personally receive and give recommendations to every month, there are about 25 or 30 that simply don’t make the cut. There is a glut of material, and most of it is sadly unimaginative — the same old acoustic strumming set to generic college poetry. Prestianni, however, embraces a wide range of musical instrumentation, utilizing keyboards, horns, and even strings. It gives her songs a wider scope and more eclectic flavor.

“Overwhelmed” and “Save Me” are the two most catchy tunes, instantly grabbing the ears with their Southern hospitality. While those songs flirt with Americana, Prestianni never settles for a single sound. “Take Me To” opens with a soulful groove recalling Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me” and softly played piano illuminates “Clouds to Heaven” and “The Miracle,” which is downright beautiful.

You don’t have to be a Christian to taste the sweetness of transcendent pop like this, but don’t be surprised if Prestianni ends up opening your mind by entering your ears first.

Melisa Prestianni:

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