The Adored

The Adored

The Adored

A New Language


Though their music embodies the skinny-tied, snap-crackling pop of late ’70s Britain, LA’s The Adored are not just importing the jangly melodies of XTC and The Buzzcocks to satisfy some fanboy impulse. The winsome foursome has capitalized on a big-studio budget to create a punchier, more polished update of their heroes’ classic sounds.

Whether it’s through the boisterous, singalong power-pop of “Ethical Drug” or the oi styling of “Savage Youth,” The Adored ably revives the spastic impulses of their forebears — minus the art-school pretense of current peers like The Futureheads. Still, with 14 songs and a production value that somewhat defangs their snarl and swagger, the charm exuded by the Adored slowly veers into tedium. Editing prowess aside, A New Language doesn’t really translate into anything groundbreaking, but its creators’ confidence and cool should speak volumes to sweat-soaked hipsters at a downtown pub near you.

The Adored:

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