Where Do You Start?

The arrival of Norah Jones has us longing for the dark-haired jazz mistress of the night, her luscious voice crooning in our ears.

If that’s what you have been dreaming of after playing those Jones records too much, you’ll find comfort in the sultry tones of Tokeli. Stunningly beautiful and gifted with a rich, comforting voice, the multilingual Tokeli performs classic jazz not only with the freshness of youth but with the wisdom of the ages.

On the opener “Love for Sale,” Tokeli captures the frenzied energy of her band in the shifting tempos of her voice. It’s quite extraordinary hearing a woman so young have complete mastery over such old and time-tested material. Unlike Jones, Tokeli has real versatility, capable of expressing melancholy and joy with equal aplomb. Tokeli shows different sides here; not all of her singing sounds the same. Her greater range allows her to experiment quite successfully, such as the snappy version of “As Time Goes By.”

Jazz enthusiasts will be impressed by Tokeli’s company, which includes guitarist Peter Sprague. They illuminate her vocals with various colors and textures, transforming the classics into vibrant contemporary pieces.


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