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Flat Daddies? WTF?

‘Flat Daddies’ deploy to help Maine military families

Mary Holbrook’s husband, Lt. Col. Randall Holbrook, goes everywhere with his family – to the grocery store, out to eat, camping, and even to Mary’s most recent gynecologist appointment. The doting Hermon family man just waits and grins as Mary and their two sons, Justin, 14, and Logan, 5, go about their days.

He doesn’t say much, and he doesn’t have any legs. That’s because the ever-present Randall is actually a life-sized, foam board likeness of the real Randall from the waist up. He’s a “ Flat Daddy,” one of many two-dimensional service members created through a National Guard program designed to ease the pain of separation for families of deployed troops. </i>

Gee, how about bringing the real one home?

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