Congress Amuck

Congress Amuck

BREAKING: House Judiciary Reconsiders, Backs Bush Torture Bill
By Justin Rood – September 20, 2006, 5:28 PM

The House Judiciary Committee just reversed itself, calling a re-vote and passing a controversial detainee treatment bill that has White House backing, according to House sources.

Earlier today, the panel had voted down the measure, 18-17, with three members not voting. The re-vote swung the tally to 20-18 in favor of the bill.

Update: WSJ’s Washington Wire has more details (and a better vote tally — we’d originally reported 17-20). “The amendment might have passed had two Democrats not missed the vote; the two were at a news conference on the Medicare drug benefit.”

Can’t win by the rules? Then cheat. Its all for a good cause, right?

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