Amazing Race 10- Episode 1

Amazing Race 10- Episode 1

I’ve waited for this. I’m hooked on this show, yes I am. I know you are all shocked since I’m so not into TV. (LIE!) But I love this show.

So, this being the first episode, the first leg is from Seattle WA, to Beijing, China. With $66 bucks for this leg. I really am diggin it already, and it’s been nine minutes. Haha.

Here’s my brief initial views on the teams –

Bilal and Sa’eed- Best friends from Cleveland Ohio. Two happy Muslim guys. They made it clear that when it was time to pray, they would stop and pray. I loved that! I thought here is some good TV! I could just imagine them in the middle of some hurried task, and they would just stop midstream, kneel and do their thing. The Muslim angle would have been fantastic to explore on a show like this.

David and Mary- The husband and wife team from Kentucky. He’s a coalminer and she’s a housefrau. Ahhh, HERE is some entertainment. They are forever to be called “The Billies”. This should be interesting to watch, he- the mountain chauvinistic male and her- the blissfully ignorant submissive wife. Ahh, love it. I want to see her tear him a new one at least once.

Duke and Lauren- Dad and daughter from Rhode Island. Now this is where the heart wrenching stuff will take place. They’ve been “estranged” for several years, since the Lauren came out. The Dad actually choked up in an interview shot, saying he was disppointed that she was gay. WOW, nice move there, Pops. But, they are working toward a relationship and there have already been a couple good moments.

Dustin and Kandice- Reigning Miss CA and Reigning Miss NY. Surprisingly, they aren’t kicked off in the first 10 minutes. They are still queens… what can I say. They are the B-Queens. They are pretty bland so far, hopefully they do something pure prissy to keep things funny.

Erwin and Godwin- Two brothers from San Francisco. They are pretty damn funny so far. A little light hearted humor never hurts and this is where we will get it this time around. The one brother went to Harvard and the other was always just a little jealous. But they seem to get along very well. Even had water pistols in the airport, and had airport security confiscate them. Both are physically well built, so that will help them along the way.

Kellie and Jamie- Aaaahh…. of course there had to be at least one team to poke fun at and so far, this is it. Cheerleaders from South Carolina. Yes, I know, I know you don’t have to tell me. They’ve already let us have a little cheer from the pedicab in China. I think that it’s the first of many little spirit episodes we will be privy to.

Lyn and Karlyn- Two single moms from Alabama. They call themselves the “Black Debutantes” so, who are we to take that away from them. The B-Debs it is. Physically they aren’t the strongest of the teams but they seem to have a determination that might get them quite a ways.

Peter and Sarah- He makes and fits prosthetics, and she’s a motivational speaker, and.. an amputee. So, she’s got a personal leg maker, sweet. These two are gonna kill me. She talks a big game but has already tried to use that disability to her advantage. He talks to her like she’s his pet project. “You can do it, baby” “You are trained, you are conditioned!” Some sort of freaky lamaze coach. They compete in Ironman competitions together. But, to me…he seems a little gay.

Rob and Kimberly- From LA,they are bartenders, now there’s a stable relationship if I ever saw one. If you watched AR 9, you will understand. These are our Lake and Michelle Wannabes. He’s rather chauvinistic, talks down to her. And she’s no ray of sunshine either. I can’t wait to see him finally cause this chick to snap. I can’t wait for that to happen! For some reason, he looks like John Leguizamo to me.

Tom and Terry- both from NYC. LOVE THEM! Haha, we have the B-Queens, the Beauty Queens, but these are definitely the A-Queens. They are total entertainment, and fun to watch. They are fun-loving, chatty, and full of the drama.

Tyler and James- both from LA, models, of course. But their kicker is that they are both recovering drug addicts. They showed great pictures of them, all high and dirty. Haha. Just what we wanted to see, right? They are buff, so we can see some shirtless guys in the midst of some beautiful scenery. Let’s just hope they are too stupid.

Vipul and Arti- from Windemere, FL (a suburb of my hometown Orlando). I’m gonna get cavities watching these two. They are just a nice, sweet, in love married couple. They seem in sync, they are a real 24 hour a day team. It’s nice to watch, but I don’t see them lasting long because of their niceness.

They start off this race in Seattle, WA and head over to Beijing China.

Peter and Sarah at the airport end up boarding first because of her leg, and this is an Ironman competitor? That’s just crappy. She can do a race around the world, but she can’t get on the plane with everyone else? This is when Erwin and Godwin have the water guns and are having a fun time until the airport security take them away. All in all, no drama yet, they all get on the planes, and make it over to China. They have to make it to the Gold House Restaurant to get their first clue. But when the first team arrives, it’s a roadblock. A roadblock is a task that only one person on the team can perform. I love the first roadblock, I mean, really…. fisheyes on the first day? Love it! Phil is a genius. I can’t wait until this thing gets in full swing. This is going to be vicious!

The surprise after Gold House Restaurant was that the last team to arrive was sent home already. Unfortunately, it was the Muslims, Bileel and Sa’eed and I wanted them to win! I thought for sure that would have been awesome if they would have taken the whole thing. They were so calm, so spiritual. But, alas, it’s not to be. There is going to be one more elimination this episode also at the Pitstop, which is the Great Wall of China. The following morning, they open clues at their designated times and learn they have to travel in a WWII motorcycle and sidecar to get their next clue. Once there, they get the races first Detour. That’s an actual task that the team must complete to get their next clue. This one, Labor or Leisure. With Labor, they have to go to an open market, and use traditional Chinese materials and pave a section of sidewalk. They must do it exactly as shown. In Leisure, they have to perform a relaxation dance balancing a ball on a paddle. Oy, no thanks, I’ll take the labor as most of the teams did.

Once they get on the grounds of the Great Wall, Peter and Sarah are about to make me puke. He’s all…lamaze coaching her… blah blah blah. But at the climb, she’s screwed and can’t do it. Finally all the teams get up the wall and the last across the line was Vipul and Arti. They were so sweet when they were getting the boot all the way home to Florida. Next week, it’s on to another country, another task and more drama.

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