Rock Star: Supernova 9.5.06

Rock Star: Supernova 9.5.06

This week is going to be especially tough, as each of the final five have to perform an original composition and one of the cover songs provided.

They each have gone and wrote a song with Gilby during the week, and apparently Dilana doesn’t have the ‘stuff’. Lukas came half prepared and Toby was spot on with an energy that Gilby liked.

First up for her set, is Dilana. She ripped a calf muscle in rehearsal but was carried out to a stool to perform “Behind Blue Eyes” by the Who. I have to say, her version wasn’t bad at all. She stayed on the stool and the guitar player came over and sang harmony with her. Her original song was called “Super Soul” and quite a tasty nugget. If she wrote that, why couldn’t she show that to Gilby during their session? Stage fright of sorts? She got off the stool and rocked out on one leg. Dave didn’t like the original, Tommy did and Gilby still thought that she was too literal in her lyrics.

The New Year’s Eve show is sold out so they have added another date on New Year’s Day. The house band is Supernova’s opening act. Not bad.

Magni is up next, the Iceman Cometh. He picks The Beatles “Back in the USSR” and well, it’s not bad but not my fave Magni performance by far. He just seems uncomfortable with the track. His original is called “When the Time Comes” and it’s a rockin’ tune, I have to say that I like it. Still not the big Magni fan, but his original song was good, it would have been better with someone else singing it.

Dave liked both performances, Tommy thought that both of the songs sounded the same and Magni had a little zinger to throw back, saying “Umm, they were both sung by me”. Tommy took it well. Gilby did agree that since he was doing an original, he should have taken his performance up a level.

Storm hits the stage next doing “Suffragete City” by Bowie with Dave Navarro on guitar. He wanted to come and rock that song with her. She rocked that song, but her Dramarama performance either. Her original “What the What is Ladylike” was really great but not really a Supernova song either but that didn’t stop Tommy rockin’ hard to it. Dave said that being on stage with her was great and he liked her original song also. Tommy and Gilby loved her original and said her performances were great.

Lukas is kickin’ a stripped down version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” but damn, freak, what are you doing?! I love him, I do, I love his voice but he should have kicked that song into high gear. That could be a fatal mistake for him at this point in the competition. His original is called “Headspin” and yet again, it needed to kick and it didn’t. My poor Lukas might be going back to Canada. Dave thought it was good that he showed two sides to himself. Gilby said that he gets inspired by watching him perform. Wow.

Toby doing “Mr. Brightside” wasn’t bad. He’s got a bland voice for that bland song. If Toby takes this whole thing, I won’t be buying any Supernova tickets or CD’s. The chicks dig him though but I don’t see why. His original “Throw it all Away” was rather punkish and not really thrilling me. He’s got to stop with the stage gimmicks, running the crowd and mugging for the camera. Tommy creeped up behind him and grabbed his ass… what was that about?! Dave said that his original was instantly memorable, which is true. Tommy , Gilby and Jason all said he’s a performer.

The first few minutes of voting gave us, Toby, Lukas, Magni, Storm and Dilana in that order. We all know those positions will flip flop quite a lot over the next few hours and tomorrow, we can find out who will be in next weeks finale.

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