Hava Nagila

Doron Braunshtein

The world has waited far too long for a Club Mix of this classic Jewish Marriage song. What took so long? Like any good dance song, the lyrics are stone simple — basically “Let us rejoice and be glad” repeated in Hebrew. Thus, you can whip off a quick riff to set mood, or run it from the breaking of the glass till the first son enters med school. The only real difference here is an electro sound, plus a few English language embellishments. The lines “Touch Me Touch You” and “Kiss Me Kiss You” add to the “Radio Mix” of the CD single, while the “Club Mix” adds one more thought with some graphic language that might not sit well with elderly Aunt Minnie.

This two-track disk is a real specialty item for the wedding DJ. There are two song versions with the same mix but with different MPAA ratings. Both start with a slow eerie clarinet line, then slide into some mild-mannered drum lines. If you spin for kosher weddings, you’ll need this weekly. Otherwise, it’s sort like lox at a Mexican restaurant.

Apollo: www.apollobraun.com

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