Make Me Wiser

Dirt Road

Take the southern-fried rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and add the jam-band meandering of Phish, The Grateful Dead or String Cheese Incident and you get the talented Mississippi-bred Daybreakdown. Their debut, Make Me Wiser, is southern rock at its finest.

The title track is driven by the kick-snare of percussionist Tyler Rayburn and John Patrick’s walking bass line, laying the groundwork for the bluesy vocals of lead singer and guitarist Patrick McClary’s proclamation that “Smiles don’t come cheap in Mississippi” and “My eyes are wandering strangers.”

They also like to have fun, as showcased on “Naked,” where McClary lets the town merry-go-round know that “half the band has seen you naked.”

“Dirty Sanford” showcases McClary’s guitar prowess with a solo that would make Jerry Garcia proud. The bluesy-rock will keep jam-band fans happy and with a dash of Cajun flavor, the song never gets stale, even as it pushes the 20-minute mark. The album closer “Elephant Dance” also reminds jammers (is that what they’re called?) that they are here to have fun and play some great hometown jams.

Make Me Wiser is a must for any free bird who can’t get enough rock from the South or who just wants to kick back and listen to some good old-fashioned jamming. Daybreakdown is refreshing blues-influenced rock group that makes rock seriously fun again.

Daybreakdown: www.daybreakdown

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