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Dr. Dog

Takers and Leavers EP

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The Babyboomers who dropped acid, went to Woodstock (or at least wanted to) and lived optimistically through a time of war, had kids that grew up during the birth of “Alternative” rock. Those kids ingested Pavement, R.E.M., and Pixies while their parents reminisced about the old days in the other room to the soundtrack of their Beatles and Neil Young records. At some point the two conflicting sounds meshed and a new sound was born. A sound that followed the basic pop melodies of those four boys who changed the face of music back in ’64, but had the quirky quality inherent in college rock of the ’80’s and early ’90s. Psychedelic Indie Pop, we’ll call it.

Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog are one such band. Their EP, Takers and Leavers is a six song collection of tunes they love, but for whatever reason are “too weird or ornery to work on our upcoming album,” as well as a pair of perfect pop songs from their soon to be released full-length. The EP opens with the two sneak peek tunes. “Ain’t It Strange” is a Beach Boys meets Velvet Underground & Nico tune, while “Goner” is a hum-along piano ballad straight out of Liverpool.

With swirling harmonies, stomping rhythms, and vocals that are just strange enough to give the traditional pop songs a modern edge Dr. Dog are set to take their tunes on the road opening this fall for The Raconteurs.

Dr. Dog: www.drdogmusic.com

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