Mitchell Froom

Mitchell Froom

Mitchell Froom

A Thousand Days


You may not recognize the name, but you know Mitchell Froom’s work. You may have heard his production with Richard Thompson, Los Lobos or Elvis Costello. Maybe you’ve heard his soundtrack work like the mutant electro funk in Café Flesh. On rare occasions, Mitchell steps out of the production booth to record something of his own. A Thousand Days finds Froom in a Bud Powell sort of mood. This collection of songs sounds like the sort of thing you’d hear late at night in the cigar bar of a classy hotel. Froom plays light, jazzy solo piano pieces that make great mood music. I’m inclined to imagine A Thousand Days as a soundtrack recording to an imaginary film noir. I imagine smoky rooms shot in high-contrast black and white with a steely-eyed hero falling for a bombshell blonde. Better yet, put A Thousand Days on next time your favorite femme fatale stops by and make your own movie.

Kontext: kontextrecords.ce

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