So They Say

So They Say

So They Say

Antidote For Irony


Is it possible for an emo band to actually call their album Antidote For Irony? O RLY? Straightfaced, humorless songs digging deep into the cliched well of broken-hearts, empty beds and serious (or is it metaphorical) illnesses have only one thing they need desperately: irony. Devoid of the slightest bit of levity, the self-involved junior high drama of how very hard it is to either be — or just write songs for — upper middle class white kids isn’t thrilling to anyone outside of that demographic.

The group’s angular rhythm section and meaty riffs fare better than expected. The mixture of modern rock and pop-punk is radio ready and could seemingly blend in to any number of fist-pumping tour line ups. The shoegazer-lite of “Act Like You’re Listening, Till It’s Your Turn to Talk” breaks up the power chords with oscillations and electronic whirls, propelling the group momentarily toward airy pastures. Still you could opt for a more enjoyable, more complete packages with Gatsby’s American Dream or the stellar Minus the Bear, a band with so much irony they’re the antidote for So They Say.

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