The Beat Daddys

The Beat Daddys

The Beat Daddys

Five Moons

The Beat Daddys play with such tremendous skill and heartfelt enthusiasm that it makes most of today’s rock groups sound impotent and boring. While that may sound like a harsh dismissal of the New Generation, there’s something truly intoxicating about hearing real rock and roll. Knee-deep in the blues, the Beat Daddys recall artists such as Cream and Stevie Ray Vaughan, attaching rock hooks to two-fisted blues chords.

The whole idea of rock being a kid’s game is completely bogus. These guys have been around for years; those gray hairs symbolize significant road mileage, if you know what I mean. Then again, that’s probably what gives the Beat Daddys their sense of authenticity and emotional wallop. The third track, “Been There, Liked That,” sums it up with its title alone. The Beat Daddys have had their share of hard knocks. On the sleeve notes the Beat Daddys discuss how they were caught up by Hurricane Katrina even. Ouch.

Well, the Beat Daddys can be considered a hurricane themselves. “Pale White Circle” and “Common Ground” blow the speakers with tremendous force. “Bad Streak,” reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s slower numbers, immediately shows that the band can shift tone and tempo without losing steam. And what could have been misogynistic raunchiness, “Bad Thighs,” is instead an anthem for big-bottomed girls that is uplifting and fun.

Beat Daddys:

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