The Casualties

The Casualties

The Casualties

Under Attack


Punk rock can still sound fresh and fun and mean and inspiring — even in 2006! Grown men can have lavish spikes in their hair and brightly-colored mohawks and not look ridiculous, even in the age of Hot Topic. And a hardcore band that’s been making records since 1990 can still have something to say.

The Casualties’ latest onslaught of aggression is the politically charged Under Attack. Produced by former Black Flag/Descendents member Bill Stevenson, the disc has the NYC HC band bleeding with Cali hardcore influence. It’s a thrash album to sing along to, with unity anthems (“Social Outcast”) and fuck the system chants.

Having never been known to be an activist band, the four Casualties found themselves moved by current situations in our country/government to make some comments on our culture. “System Fail Us…Again” is a reaction to the embarrassment that was federal aid after Hurricane Katrina, while “No Solution No Control” points its finger at American ignorance and a society of “McChildren.”

They blew away most of the band’s on this summer’s Warped Tour and have just put out one of the strongest Hardcore Punk albums of the year. Not bad for a band that’s been doing it since before a lot of their fans were born!

The Casualties:

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