The Green

The Green

The Green



Brimming with acid jazz, trip hop, and ambient flavors, the Green give a good name to the increasingly generic electronic-music scene. Those burned out on the mindless, repetitive thump-thump-thump of techno and the lazy drone of downtempo will be rejoicing from the sonic liberation that the Green frolic within.

What helps the Green stand out amongst their synthesized brethren is their courage, their willingness to think beyond what is expected from this genre. The Green – who are actually a threesome and not just a DJ’s pseudonym – are an imaginative lot. They venture into various sonic territories from the jazzy textures of “Positive G” to the sizzling soundtrack dynamics of “The Heist,” which filmmaker Quentin Tarantino would’ve enjoyed.

Anne Noel has a sensual, ethereal voice that works well with this consciousness-expanding vibe; you wish you could hear her more often. On future recordings, the Green should consider utilizing Noel’s vocals throughout a record instead of the bits and pieces that we hear on this CD. On “The Kyoto Treaty,” Noel’s appearance really shines.

The Green:

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