Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson

You Are The One

Treasure Chest

Toni Anderson has a great voice. Listening to You Are the One, you can hear a voice that has been center stage in major musical theater productions in her hometown of Toronto. You can hear a voice with great dynamics that can run from playful to sexy to a powerful roar. Her collaborations with Luciano demonstrate that she definitely plays well with others. Toni Anderson deserves better material to work with than the cruise ship and hotel lounge reggae that dominates this CD. A voice as majestic as Toni’s shouldn’t be tied down to plinky machine-generated rhythms and tamer than tame arrangements. If this singer had a band behind her that could really push her, there’s no telling how spectacular she could be. You Are the One, unfortunately, is background music for slot machines.

Toni Anderson:

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