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Yesterdays Rising

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According to the press kit that accompanied the album, Lightworker is “a moody, electric array of songs that tell of supernatural wonders of the universe, life, death and learning.” Wow. Pretty heavy stuff, right?

Right. But in actuality, it just sounds like a rehash of the same watered-down sing scream alternative rock radio formula that their peers in Thrice, Finch, and A Static Lullaby (amongst others) have already done, and done better.

On their last EP, the band seemed less interested in appealing to the masses and more into solidifying their post-hardcore chops. Although it wasn’t the most unique work, it was at least enjoyable. Now it seems that they’ve stripped their sound down in favor of this less inventive radio-friendly focus. It’s a shame, although it’s a gambit that will probably pay off for them in terms of marketability. Pandering to high school kids often does that.

But then again, one has to consider that this is an extremely young band, barely out of high school themselves. So maybe targeting a high school demographic isn’t such a bad thing for them. Everyone knows that post hardcore / indie rock girls just aren’t as cute as your average 17-year-old Green Day fan, after all.

Yesterdays Rising:

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