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Face To Face

Face To Face

Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection


So Face to Face broke up after a 15-year career of fast, fun, punk rock and that sucks. It sucks, but as their farewell to fans they have offered up a 21 song collection of their best and most famous tunes — remastered — and even tossed in a couple of live and unreleased songs.

The cd kicks off with the band’s signature song, “Disconnected,” and closes with a live version of the song recorded on the second night of their three-night final performance stint at their hometown of Los Angeles’ House of Blues. In between, it’s nonstop Cali punk for fans of Bad Religion, Pennywise, and NOFX.

Why would a band that was always at the top of its genre throw in the towel after so many years? Frontman Trever Keith says in the band’s press release, “I wanted to protect what I thought were the best years of our career as that band, and sort of put it to bed as something people would remember fondly…”

As always, it’s better to burn out than to fade away. Or at least to go out on your own terms.

Face To Face: www.facetofacemusic.com

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