Street Drum Corps

Street Drum Corps

Street Drum Corps

Street Drum Corps


Mad Max, punk rock, and STOMP. Those three terms pretty much sum up Street Drum Corps.

Using various bits of traditional drum parts, and throwing in everything from aluminum garbage cans to metal pipes to kitchen utensils, the trio of brightly painted bursts of mad energy that make up SDC have managed to create a new sound — something virtually every band attempts to do, but usually fail at. How can something that sounds like STOMP — and even includes one track featuring a member of the famous troupe — be “new”? By spreading a layer of hip hop and punk rock on top of it. By turning the sounds upside down and making it grittier, less polished.

As great as this band sounds on record, it’s seeing their live performance that brings it all into focus. If you’re not able to catch them on tour, no fear –this disc comes with a free bonus DVD that includes a music video, and 45 minutes of live concert footage. Under black light, painted up like 10 year olds playing war, SDC become more than just a few kids banging on shit and become innovators and entertainers.

Steel Drum Corps:

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