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The Affair

The Affair

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In honor of CBGB’s forever closing the doors to the dank little club that brought the world Patti Smith and Blondie, allow me to introduce you to a NYC band carrying on in that same tradition, The Affair.

New wave and synth pop backs the alluring, and obviously well-trained, voice of Kali Holloway. She’s got the subtle tone of Ronnie Spector, but the punk rock approach of Debbie Harry and Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex). From sweet lyrics like “I wanna make out like bandits with you” (on “Andy”) to the teasing “If you keep it on the down low/ the teachers never have to know/ hey hey jailbait!” Holloway’s way with words add a cheeky flavor to the straight-up dance tunes that make this debut absolutely irresistible.

“Honey,” a fun got-a-big-crush pop song, sounds like Patti Smith fronting The Motels and I mean that in the most respectful way. I can’t get enough of this song, it makes me feel like a 10-year-old drawing hearts on my school books.

The Affair are an exhilarating new band that, with any luck, will soon bring their refreshingly bright vibes to the masses. Fans of Bloc Party and The Sounds will appreciate their ’80s retro melodies just as much as those of us who remember when those sounds were brand new.

The Affair:

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