Moros Eros

Moros Eros

Moros Eros

I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright


A label that houses mostly metal and post-hardcore bands in the vein of Aiden, Silverstein, and Darkest Hour, Victory Records is an odd home for the uniquely experimental indie/garage/punk of Moros Eros. The Georgia-based quartet flirts with David Byrne freakout vocals and progressive uses of drums and keyboards to form a sound that is as familiar as it is odd and quirky.

The opening guitar and drum harmony of “Today Is The Day” mingled with the surprise expressive passion of Zach Tipton’s voice had me expecting to hear another Bloc Party release or The Rogers Sisters. What I Saw The Devil last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright led me into was not another copy of already accomplished great music, but a new journey into the shadows of explored terrain.

The title tracks (split into two songs) are White Stripes comparison worthy, and the rest of the album is equally as impressive. A definite competitor for an end of the year best-of list!

Moros Eros:

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