The Alrights

The Alrights

The Alrights

High School

City Canyon

The Minnesota trio who call themselves The Alrights are a large record collection personified. Equal parts Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai, The Beatles, Nirvana, and even a little bit of a spiritual choir- this eclectic concept is so all over the place that listening to their debut album High School is like listening to three different releases crammed into one.

Songs like “Call Her Name,” “The Sickness,” and “Heaven Sends Her Regards” poke their poppy heads out of the sometimes waning melodies, but Toby Churchill’s Kravitz tone is the prime pull to the band’s can’t-put-your-finger-on-it sound. Soulful and emotionally textural, it is this factor that keeps me pressing play again as the album ends.

The Alrights:

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