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The Gufs

The Gufs

A Different Sea

Red Submarine

After a seven-year hiatus The Gufs have returned with A Different Sea and it’s arguably the best record of their career.

The Milwaukee four-piece’s previous effort, Holiday From You was a terrific album but the band have clearly used their downtime to good effect because A Different Sea is a modern rock masterpiece.

Explosive opener “Beautiful Disaster” picks up where the rather pessimistic Holiday From You left off, but proof that The Gufs are a more upbeat band these days comes on the glorious rocker “Extraordinary” and the energetic “Lifetime”. So far, so good, but the highlights of an incredibly strong and consistent record come in the shape of “Free” and the superb pop-rocker “Stars”, which morphs spectacularly from a delicate piano intro into an anthem of truly epic proportions.

Frontman and main songwriter Goran Kralj sounds as good as ever, Kevin Sucher’s production is first rate and the band is clearly re-energized and refocused, having taken their music and career into their own hands following their split with Atlantic. A Different Sea is a triumphant return — hopefully The Gufs won’t leave it another seven years before making the follow-up.

The Gufs:

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