The Skies of America

The Skies of America

The Skies of America


National Recorder

I thought Scot Sax was the only member of cult band Wanderlust to have progressed to bigger and better things after the four-piece fell apart shortly after releasing the classic power-pop album, Prize. That was, until I heard Shine by The Skies of America.

Former Wanderlust guitarist Rob Bonfiglio is the brains behind one of the first signings to Sylvia Massy Shivy’s National Recorder label, and it’s easy to see what the noted producer saw in the band (which also features Kicking Harold founder Tim David Kelly on bass and former Dogstar frontman Bret Domrose on guitar). Updating Wanderlust’s take on classic rock and pop with a modern twist, The Skies of America embrace influences such as Matthew Sweet and Tom Petty to create a unique, memorable sound of their own.

From the instantly memorable opener “Move” to the blistering anthem “She’s The Kind of Girl” and the funky, contemporary rocker “Fascination,” the whole album is a non-stop orgy of pure power-pop bliss. “Get Up, Get On” features a riff AC/DC would have been proud of along with the kind of instant chorus that could have stadiums rocking, but the standout moment is the epic title track, layered with thick walls of vocals and an absolute monster of a hook.

Bonfiglio’s former bandmate Scot Sax may have created the perfect pop/rock record with the self-titled effort from his post-Wanderlust band FEEL, but with Shine, The Skies of America come mighty close to rivaling it. Yes, it’s THAT good…

The Skies of America:

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