The Crusade


Metallica stopped sounding like themselves years ago, so Trivium took over.

Orlando’s young metal boys are not just ripping off the American metal sound perfected in the ’80s by the aforementioned men in black. They have expanded on the heavy riffs, the deep, gravelly vocals and the extended guitar solos to achieve a new American metal for the 21st Century. A brand of metal that’s layered with experimentation in the tradition of System of a Down and Pantera.

Their third release, The Crusade, has tossed aside the metal-core tendencies of their prior albums in favor of a more driving, thrash sound. Occasionally the lyrics are a bit melodramatic (as in the power ballad “This World Can’t Tear Us Apart”) or the context is a little outdated (“Contempt Breeds Contamination” is about Amadou Diallo who the NYC police infamously shot 41 times in 1999), but this can be excused when you consider the young age of the band members — the oldest is 24, and lyricist/frontman Matt Heafy is only 20. The minor setbacks of the album fall from memory when you listen to songs like “Detonation” and “The Rising.”

Trivium are set on a course to bring back traditional metal, even borrowing the great fantasy-laden artwork of those old Megadeth and Metallica records!


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