Yoko K.

Yoko K.

Yoko K.



The otherworldly beats of Yoko K. have a sensual, even relaxing tone. In the icy world of electronic music, that’s pretty unique. In this genre, the synthesized rhythms can either pummel your ears with histrionic, repetitive loops or lull you into sleep with a snail-slow down tempo groove. Yoko K. exhibits a little of both but doesn’t push too much into either of them; consequently, she has a record that doesn’t polarize listeners like much of the genre.

Some of the material on this CD can even be classified as “pop,” at least pop music as defined by extraterrestrials. “Yoake,” for instance, features Yoko K.’s angelic, whispered vocals with actual lyrics. She isn’t just using her voice as an instrument on this one. Nevertheless, even though its words are completely understandable, “Yoake” sounds like it’s from another plane of existence; narcotic transmissions from a different universe. It’s a beautiful song with a floaty, alien charm. “Yun Ae Se Po” has pulsating keyboards and great percussive noises that re-define pop. After all, just because it’s pop doesn’t mean it should be safe and not challenging.

To prove that music is the universal language (as the cliche goes), “La Complainte d’R2” is a French kiss that loses none of its catchy qualities even if you cannot understand what Yoko K. is singing.

Unlike other artists in the electronic field, you get the sense that Yoko K. is a composer and not just somebody twiddling with the knobs. There is magic in her play; it glows with rainbow colors.

Yoko K.: cdbaby.com/cd/yokok

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