Truth to Power

The sad, sad truth

Why does our media continue to report the utterances of a lying fool?

Bush decides direction of Iraq policy

WASHINGTON –President Bush has decided the general direction he wants to take U.S. policy on Iraq and has asked his staff to work out the details as he wraps up a highly public review of the war and its aims.

Bush “decided” the “general direction” he wanted for Iraqi the day the Supreme Court installed him in office. It has never changed. All this chin music about “a review of the war” is just spin city bullshit.

Permanent presence in the Middle East to protect US (business) interests.

End. Of. Story.

Anything else you see or hear are just words, words that mean nothing, spoken by a man who means nothing, to people he assumes are too stupid to actually read anything beyond USA Today or CNN. He doesn’t care about our troops- or he’d fund them. He doesn’t care about “democracy”- or he would recognize the results from a democratic election in Palestine. He doesn’t care about the Iraqi people- or he’d stop blowing them up.

He only cares about the money. Its all his family has cared about since the time of his grandfather funding the Nazis.

The Bush legacy?

Show me the money.

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