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The thundering roar of bloodthirsty morons

Over at, never ones to let humanity or intelligence muddle a good “debate”, they may have reached the zenith (or should that be nadir?) of their fevered “Kill ‘em all, let God sort them out” bloodlust for the war with their reaction to yesterdays toothless, ignorable, too tame by half Iraqi Study Group report:

Well, It’s Official: We Just Lost The War

In one of the worst days in America since we abandoned Viet Nam, America is once again about to capitulate from a position of strength. I am, at the moment, ashamed of my country’s Politicians…deeply ashamed.

…As far as I am concerned, it is time to immediately withdraw all troops and military resources out of the region and be done with it.

Allow the Middle East to fall in to whatever chaos they so choose, and await the next barrage. We can immediately focus all our troop strength to the ports and borders, hunker down, and wait for it.</i>

One of the worst days since Vietnam? Uh, that would be 9/11 you jackass. And the suggestion that you put out, which seems to be your ultimate gesture of surrender? It’s exactly what we should do, and should have been doing, long before 9/11.

For what really needs to occur in Iraq, turn to Stan Goff, author and former Marine:

Do you want the United States to win in Iraq?


The US occupation force in Iraq is there with a malignant purpose. It was sent there to install a puppet government and establish permanent US bases as part of the post-Cold War re-disposition of an imperial military. The invasion and occupation was illegal and immoral; and it has been characterized by the slaughter of innocents by US forces, by premeditated murder and rape, by prisoner abuse, by the systematic humiliation of the people who live there, by the destruction of whole cities, and at the material, mental, and moral expense of the people who – for a host of reasons – find themselves in the US military. The Iraqis have a right to defend themselves, and a right to fight invaders.

Moreover, the US reliance on the miltiary to prop up its domestic economy and justify the future employment of militarism against other people is a net negative in the world. It is also a net negative for the US people, as opposed to defense contractors and politicians. One way to inhibit the future use of military invasion and occupation as a tool of US control over other peoples’ lives and economies is to learn the hard way – by accepting the humility that comes with divesting of our overweaning naitonalist pride, our self-delusion of superiority, and and belief that we have the right to direct the affairs of the whole damn world (using soldiers, of course… none of the engineers of these adventures suffer a day of discomfort).</i>

That, my friends, is the word.

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