20 months for sound warfare

20 months for sound warfare

Woman gets 20-months for loud music

TOKYO – A Japanese woman charged with inflicting injury on her neighbor by blasting rock music at her house for more than two years was given a 20-month prison term Tuesday, a court official said.

Miyoko Kawahara, 59, was sentenced by the Osaka High Court, revoking an initial ruling that had given her a one-year prison term, court spokesman Takanao Kawasaki said.

Kawahara in Heguri, Nara Prefecture (state) in western Japan, was accused of causing insomnia and headaches to her next-door neighbor by playing loud dance music almost 24 hours a day on a portable stereo she had pointed at her neighbor’s house, 20 feet away.

When I lived in the farm, we had an upstairs roommate who blasted dance music from the time he got home from work until he left to hit Limelight. Wish I knew then that I could have had him arrested!

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