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Amazing Race 10 – Finale – 12.10.06

The teams start out this final episode of AR Season 10 in Barcelona, and have to find their first clue in back on the church, Sagrada Familia- the clue then leads them to the Eiffel Tower. Once there, they all have to hop a train to the Caen Airport, where they find the next clue.

Roadblock- Skydiving to Omaha Beach, then to the Bayeux Train Station. Their partner gets a nosedive and then off to the train station to meet up. Kim, Tyler and Karlyn do the skydiving and then haul ass to the train station. They all head back to the Paris and look for the next clue at the Place de la Concorde.

The Detour this time is Art or Fashion, of course because they are in Paris right? In Art -they must pick up a painting at a gallery and then walk it through the streets to an artist who will hand them their next clue. In Fashion- they will go to the Anatomy Fashion Studio and cut, pin and fit a jacket on a mannequin. The designer there will give them the next clue when she approves their work. They all pick Fashion, so the poor artist goes home lonely. In fitting with their professions, the Addicts fit the jacket first and get the clue, taking them all to NY. Rob and Kim get on the first flight leaving De Gaulle at 8:25am. The Addicts get on that flight by the skin of their teeth but the Bamas don’t make it.

Once in NYC, the Addicts who have been to NY often, are in a taxi race to lose Rob and Kim. The Addicts cabbie has an EZ Pass, so he flies through the toll and R & K’s cab has to wait in the cash line. Finally, the Addicts give them the slip. They make it to the Daily News Building to the globe to get their next clue. From the globe, they have to make their way on foot to the “Alamo” which is a sculpture in the East Village. Once there, they find the woman in the yellow cap, who hands them yet another clue. This is shaping up to be a boring finale. No flag matching, no mental work, no nothing!

The Addicts make it to the sculpture first then off to the finish line. The finish line this year is St. Basil Academy in Putnam County, about 60 miles outside NYC. The cab ride there is hectic for both the Addicts and R & K. It’s neck and neck the entire time. As the first cab pulls in the drive, they show all the other teams waiting there for the remaining teams. The door opens and the first team to arrive gets out and runs through the grass to meet and greet Phil …and for Phil to tell them that they won the million dollars.

The winners of Amazing Race, Season 10 is-

Tyler Denk and James Branaman- Our lovable model slash drug addicts. They then get a phone from Phil with their parents on the line. When Tyler tells his Mom he and James won, it was very touching I must admit. They finally feel that they’ve become worthy. Hell, that cool million will buy a lot of photoshoots and crack. You go, Boys! Congrats!

Then come Rob and Kim ran across the lawns and still looked pretty pleased but of course, still disappointed. And last but certainly not least, the Bamas – Lyn and Karlyn. The first all female team to make it to the final 3, so hats off to you Ladies.

This is the end of our little weekly Amazing Race time together…until Season 11… which is supposed to be an All Star Edition. I’ll be keeping you all posted. Until then… Ciao!

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