Dirty Novels

Dirty Novels

Dirty Novels

Stealing Kisses

Wow! Another solidly competent and completely listenable group of indie rockers! I spun this record, thinking it sounded a bit like T-Rex or Iggy Pop or early Lou Reed with its rather flat, straight-ahead mixing style. There are two separate guitar lines running through most songs, it’s not a bad thing; and it gives you something to think about while listening. The only problem I see is there’s nothing really memorable, no real hit lurking here. But they are plenty good, and perhaps all they need is some more songwriting practice, a bit more emphasis on a hook or some outrage in the lyrics. I give them good points for a hot model on the cover, but since she received a jacket credit, I suspect she’s not one of the band’s girlfriends. I like these guys, but they are solidly in the middle of this month’s pack.

The Dirty Novels: http://www.thedirtynovels.com

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