Josie Cotton

Josie Cotton

Josie Cotton

Movie Disaster Music


Remember that ’80s classic “Johnny, Are You Queer?” Originally written for the Go-Gos, Josie Cotton’s demo sounded so good it was released and blasted her into the VH1 One Hit Wonder pile. Fame is fleeting, but good songwriting sticks with you, and this disc of dreamy, jazzy songs shows there’s some clever lyrical constructs left in Josie Cotton. Stylistically, she snatches a bit here and there from Sheryl Crow to Alanis Morissette to some Rat Pack-inspired Vegas material. The odd track is the backwards sounding “Kung Fu Girl,” ending in the admonition to “blow up the world.” Other noteworthy cut include “Nikita” which rhymes “Spanish whip” with “fly unzipped,” and the later Go-Gos-influenced “End of Story.” Movie Disaster Music could be the soundtrack to a modern love film –relaxing, introspective and polite.

Josie Cotton:

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