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Mobius Band

Mobius Band

City Vs Country

Ghostly International

One of Ghostly’s decidedly more organic groups, Mobius Band percolates and mopes in equal measure. Check out “Starts With a Bang” which coasts on soft electro beeps on the verses and urgent down-strummed post-punk over the sighed lyric “So sick of music.” This dynamic continues through “Mulitply” which again feels like a bridge between guitar-centric indie rock and the label’s standard dance floor electronics. It’s following close to the trail Tortoise has been paving for the last few years, though Mobius have the added human touch of vocals. Pleasant and ephemeral, “Year of the President” goes for a slow post-rock bloom, punctuating gentle minor chords with occasional bombast. The bratty drone of the title track may be the most consistently urgent, but least compelling track on this EP. Fault the lack in shifting dynamics for its shortcomings. With the twists and turns populating the rest of this release anything the least bit staid is bound to be a let down. The closer “I Had a Very Good Year” has a guitar line tailored to tug at those nostaglic heart strings along warm synths swelling in the background supporting a somber vocal melody.

Apparently Ghostly is parting ways with Mobius. It’s a shame as the group put a face on an otherwise impersonal label, but at least there should be no shortage of courters when it comes time to put out the group’s next release.

Ghostly International:

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