The Adored

The Adored

The Adored

A New Language


Los Angeles’ The Adored are not even trying to hide their love for British punk. For one, they take their name from The Stone Roses’ classic “I Wanna Be Adored.” In addition to that fact, any of 14 tracks on their debut full-length, A New Language could easily fit on The Buzzcocks’ Singles Going Steady. Hell, Pete Shelley guest-starred on their previous EP and they toured with the band last year. No need to pretend, The Adored sound just like their idols… It’s better to sound like a great band than to change your sound to blend in with everyone else, isn’t it?

The songs are pogo-worthy, shout-along anthems to girls, Friday nights, and “Savage Youth.” It’s about the optimism and possibility of youth and the resistance to growing up. A bunch of lost boys eternally searching for the Neverland of a beer-soaked weekend.

“Youth is wasted on the young/ work commands and then you’re done/ you’ve got nothing to fill your days/ it makes no sense to act your age” from “Young Again.”

If they can successfully blend the dirty grit of their native California’s punk rock past with that of the Brits’ polished, pop-centered one, then we’ve got a must-hear/must-see band on our American hands.

The Adored:

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