The Crimson Jazz Trio

The Crimson Jazz Trio

The Crimson Jazz Trio

King Crimson Songbook Volume One

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Back in 1970 something or other, I got a copy of Court of the Crimson King. I thought my folks were out, so I put it on the stereo and CRANKED it. Mom was in the bedroom with a headache. I won’t say I was grounded, but I had an amazingly clean driving record for a long time. You could crank this disc, but it wouldn’t have the same effect. Crimson Jazz Trio is not here to push the edges of musical innovation or tear up the keys with weird time signatures and wild chord progressions. They are here to provide a light jazzy background for a white wine social event, or pleasant waiting music on an answering machine. Occasionally, fans of the original band will hear faint echoes of notes and guitar lines that recall the power of “21st Century Schizoid Man” or “I Talk to the Wind,” but mostly you need to find something to read or do while this plays, lest you slide off into dream land.

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