The Glass Family

The Glass Family

The Glass Family

Sleep Inside This Wheel

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If a band is going to name themselves after a J.D. Salinger fictional family, they need to bring some quality music along with them. While The Glass Family might not capture the middle class ennui and disaffection as well as Franny and Zooey they make a decent translation of revered literature into obscure indie rock. The band excels in arranging, especially when the five-piece and assorted side players are firing on all cylinders. The gorgeous “Swimming in Fiction” rambles along at a dirt road gait with layers of instruments kicking up a dusky summer vista. The shambolic title track features plunky glockenspiel, a loping beat and a muffled crescendo of voices to build tension. The closer “There’s a Red Light Waiting For You” opts for full-on prog with murky reverb and a keyboard-heavy melody. Elsewhere, when the band begins with more skeletal structures they eventually cap in a bombastic combination of shoegazer distortion-drenched guitars and a propulsive, nimble rhythm section akin to Early Day Miners. Sleep Inside This Wheel ends up evoking Salinger in one respect: each time it’s revisited is more rewarding than the last, a requisite of good art regardless of its medium.

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