The Michael Harris Band

The Michael Harris Band

The Michael Harris Band

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Michael Harris sings from the point of view of the Everyman. Neither cocky nor angst-ridden, Harris could be your neighbor, your co-worker, or even your brother. There is a simplicity to his lyrics that is endearing. At the same time, the emotions he expresses and the stories he writes are channeled from deep within. The track that best expresses what Harris is about is probably “Superman,” which confesses his vulnerability without drowning in self-pity. In it Harris is trying to save a failing relationship. “I try to save the day/ Try to do everything that you say/ Try to fulfill the dreams in your head/ Lost my cape along the way/ Yeah, Superman won’t be flying today,” Harris sings, his voice of regret soaring through the clouds.

But they aren’t called the Michael Harris Band for nothing. Harris has surrounded himself with a group of versatile and highly talented musicians. “Alice” is folky pop with sizzling horns and a robust beat. “If I Could” has a slower tempo but it’s an evocative acoustic ballad with moody jazz textures. On the haunting “September Song,” teardrop cello drifts through the song’s profound feelings of loss.

Harris has a big voice that is remarkably disciplined. He doesn’t try to reach high notes that he can’t. On “Fresh Water,” Harris recalls Peter Gabriel at his most soulful.

Michael Harris Band:

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