The Rewinds

The Rewinds

The Rewinds

The Rewinds


In 2006, it’s not often that one comes across a band that can adroitly balance a commercial sound with indie credibility. Maybe it’s because The Rewinds are from Alabama, and not New York City/Austin/Seattle/Canada, and aren’t exposed to a lot of what’s “hip.” Either way, the quartet brings a freshness to traditional power-pop, following in the footsteps of Big Star, Sloan, Superdrag and the like.

The Rewinds’ debut album isn’t made up of as many disparate parts as the bands they’ve shared the stage with — My Morning Jacket to VHS or Beta — but there’s a Southern roughness that permeates the record, and a simple exuberance. And though the band connects on most every level, there’s still something missing — that thing that makes bands really stand out. That “it” quality. Solid songwriting and memorable melodies are floating around all over this album, and there are more than a few stand-out tracks (see “Killing Me” and “Fascination”), but the majority of the songs probably won’t grab you. They’ll merely put a hand on your shoulder and maybe tickle you under your arms a little bit.

Still, it’s apparent that The Rewinds understand the songwriting process much better than a lot of folks, and they’re poised to get a lot of attention after just a little more time to ripen.

The Rewinds:

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