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Note to Bush: This is why we loathe you

Young Marine Dies Of PTSD – And Neglect


p class=”post-body”>Jonathan Schulze was a United States Marine.

He died earlier this month at the age of 25 – not in Iraq, but back home, in Minnesota.

He died of wounds received during his seven-month tour of duty in Iraq, wounds different from the ones that earned Schulze two purple hearts. This young man died of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, of wounds to the soul and not the flesh. He died because the government that was there to send him far away to fight in 2004 wasn’t there for him when he got home.


You see, its not that we “hate America”. We hate the policies of George Bush. He has money to pay bonuses to Halliburton, excuse energy companies from taxes or paying the royalites they owe, but he doesn’t have money to fund the Veterans Administration, or to buy and maintain the equipment he sends his “heroes” off to war with.

So to all the keyboard commandos and Hannitys of the world- this is why we loathe the pretender in chief. He’s a spineless, corrupt hypocrite- who kills people for profit. Fuck him, and fuck all of you, too. We’ll get our country back-despite you.

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